About the Foundation

“Benefiting Youth, Fighting Hunger”

It was 1985 and for Rusty Staub, it was time to go to bat for those much less fortunate in life. The Rusty Staub Foundation** was founded that year and, true to our motto “Benefiting Youth, Fighting Hunger,” our only mission ever since has been to give children the opportunity to live full, happy and productive lives and to give aid to the hungry. To this end we have established the Rusty Staub Foundation Emergency Food Pantries. Presently, we have food pantries in Harlem, Brooklyn & Queens and our mobile unit brings food to the Bronx and Staten Island. In addition, The Rusty Staub Foundation Community Dining Room provides an average of 425 nourishing meals daily at Part of the Solution (POTS). In 2013, it became home to the POTS Family Club, which provides after-school homework help, nutrition education, cooking classes, and case management support to families with children. Additionally, in 2014, The Rusty Staub Foundation will partner with the CYO Coca-Cola Fitness Challenge to provide students in the South Bronx, Harlem, and Staten Island with healthy alternative snacks throughout the year. In total, we expect to serve more than 800,000 meals to the needy in New York City this year.

To date, the foundation has raised more than $17,000,000 for organizations that share our mission. We raise funds primarily through events held annually in New York City such as our annual wine auction dinner in October. We also host a golf tournament in June of each year to help fund our food pantries and mobile unit.

We are sincerely grateful for all of the financial assistance we have received throughout the years and promise to work as hard as possible to continue to earn your valued support. We, and especially the children and families, who have benefited so much from your generosity, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This year, all of the funds used to provide these meals have to be replenished. We need your help to continue doing this charitable work.

**The Rusty Staub Foundation is a not-for-profit, 501c(3) charitable organization recognized by the U.S. Federal Government, the Internal Revenue Service and the State of New York (Federal Tax ID # 13-3340651). Any donation received is tax-deductible in accordance with the Federal and State Tax Codes. N.Y. State #221992

Program Description

The Rusty Staub Foundation, Inc. Emergency Food Program supports food pantries serving families facing an emergency shortage of food in each of the five boroughs of New York City. Founded in 2002, the program currently includes five stationary pantries located in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens and a mobile food pantry providing service at four sites in Staten Island and one in the Bronx. Together, these pantries distributed more than one million nutritious meals last year.

The program is designed to address families’ immediate need for assistance and the individual factors that may contribute to or exacerbate their crisis. Towards this end, the multi-faceted goals of the program include:

  • To provide families in crisis with a nutritious supply of food.
  • To provide children and adults with educational information and materials to foster healthy consumption patterns.
  • To help low-income families suffering from hunger to access additional resources and programs that will assist them in achieving stability and self-sufficiency.
  • To bring awareness of hunger, and its lasting consequences on families and children, to the general public.

Mr. Staub’s enthusiastic support and hands-on involvement in the program is key to drawing public attention to the serious problem of hunger in New York City. Traveling throughout New York City, Rusty Staub’s mobile unit demonstrates the effectiveness of a collective response in the fight against hunger. In addition, the mobile unit provides emergency assistance to New Yorkers during times of distress. Two examples of this emergency assistance include distributing coats throughout the winter months and delivering food to flood victims in the Hudson Valley.

The Challenges We Face

Rusty Staub’s sustained dedication to promoting access to healthy food for New Yorkers in need reflects a sophisticated understanding of the issues and challenges we face in today’s environment.  An increase in obesity among poor families, the rising cost of food, and the decrease in government funds for emergency food programs are some of the forces exerting increased pressure on low income parents seeking to provide nutritious food for their children.

New York City Coalition Against Hunger 2014 Annual Hunger Survey

Summary of Findings

  • One in six New York City residents – more than 1.4 million individuals - are food insecure.
  • One in 10 NYC seniors are food insecure.
  • As a direct result of recent SNAP cuts, 92.9 percent of New York City soup kitchens and food pantries reported that the cuts had "increased the number of our clients and/or increased the food needs of our existing clients."
  • 4 percent of respondents said the demand had increased "significantly" and 48.4 percent said their demand had increased "somewhat."

The Rusty Staub Foundation, Inc. Response

Understanding that hunger and food insecurity are the manifestations of poverty, The Rusty Staub Foundation, Inc. supports not only the targeted distribution of nutritious food to the neediest communities, but also the provision of neighborhood-based social services designed to address the multiple sources of household instability.

Visitors to food pantries supported by The Rusty Staub Foundation, Inc. are greeted by case managers who are ready to connect them to assistance such as a financial literacy class to help a single mom balance a tight budget, eviction prevention resources to keep a recovering invalid from landing in the street, or the small, supportive shelter willing to welcome a homeless veteran.

Thanks to the support of the Foundation, new services have been established in underserved areas of Staten Island, and fresh produce continues to be a hallmark of our programs.

Current Program Sites


Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Community Center
Projected Annual Meals: 72,500
(Central and East Harlem)

St. Cecilia’s Church
Projected Annual Meals: 99,000
(East Harlem)

Washington Heights Ecumenical Pantry
Projected Annual Meals:  286,000
(Washington Heights)

Staten Island

Four Mobile Unit sites
Projected Annual Meals:  180,500
  • CCCS Anderson Avenue Community Office
  • Peter’s Church
  • Immaculate Conception Church
  • West Brighton Tenants Association
  • Margaret Mary Church


Beacon Mosaic Alianza in Highbridge
Projected Annual Meals: 43,500

Brooklyn and Queens

Our Lady Queen of Miracles (Canarsie)

Queens Community Center,

Catholic Charities Neighborhood Services (Astoria)
Projected Annual Meals: 145,000

Total Projected Meals FY 2015:

The Rusty Staub Foundation, Inc. Food Pantry Program Accomplishments
(in association with Catholic Charities)


June 1, 2003

Total Meals Served - 41,141   Rusty Staub Food Pantry dedicated in Harlem (June 2003)


July 1, 2004

Total Meals Served - 404,026   NYC’s first Mobile Food Pantry rolls out to Staten Island (July 2004)   Mobile Pantry expands to the Bronx, serving the West Bronx Recreation Center (September 2004)   New York Community Trust supports expansion to more sites in Staten Island (December 2004)


January 1, 2005

Total Meals Served - 501,349   New York Community Trust supports expanded hours of Mobile Pantry in Highbridge (January 2005)   Rusty Staub Foundation expands support to include case managers in East Harlem, the Bronx, Central Harlem, and Staten Island, helping families in need to increase self-sufficiency (April 2005)


September 1, 2006

Total Meals Served - 976,767 Mobile Pantry begins serving fresh produce at all sites (September 2006)


January 1, 2007

Total Meals Served - 935,020


January 1, 2008

Total Meals Served - 1,069,724


January 1, 2009

Total Meals Served - 840,840


February 1, 2010

Total Meals Served - 1,078,922   Rusty Staub Food Pantry in Harlem begins transition to new client-choice style pantry, offering a more dignified experience for those in need of emergency food. (February 2010)   During 2009-2010, Rusty Staub Programs in all 5 boroughs served more than 4,500 unduplicated households resulting in more than one million meals. (August 2010)


January 1, 2011

Total Meals Served - 1,029,924   During 2010-2011, Rusty Staub Programs in all 5 boroughs served more than one million meals.  In Staten Island, Rusty Staub funds helped a free After School Program serving low-income families serve over 17,500 healthy snacks to 70 unduplicated children.


January 1, 2012

Total Meals Served - 669,412


January 1, 2013

Total Meals Served - 615, 034   Early in 2013, St. Margaret Mary Parish in Midland Beach on Staten Island, asks for assistance from the mobile to replace the parish food pantry devastated by Sandy.  Mobile services begin in May and continue through the Summer.  By September, the parish was able to conduct services on their own in the rectory basement, with continued support from CCCS and the Rusty Staub Foundation


January 1, 2014

Total Meals Served - 626,475   2014 During 2014, the West Brighton Tenants Association, representing tenants of the low-income housing project on Staten Island, reached out for food assistance.  With the assistance of the Mobile driver and the Rusty Staub Foundation, the tenants were able to develop a weekly client-choice pantry.  The pantry has become an important source of nutritious food in this under-served area, and many large families are being served.